University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia

Responsible for the overall management and administration of the University of Victoria Libraries. The Collection numbers in excess of 1.7 million volumes, with an additional 1 million microform items. The Libraries have a staff of 147 and an annual operating budget of $10 million. The University Librarian reports to the Vice-President, Academic & Provost and is a member of the Advisory Council to the President.

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

A senior management position responsible for the overall management of the Canadian Architectural Archives and the Music, Fine Arts, Humanities and Special Collections Libraries. Duties included managing a staff of 23, coordinating collection development, budgeting, overseeing the provision of reader services, coordinating microcomputer development within the University Libraries system and developing a library-wide management information system. The Area Head reported to the Director of Libraries and was a member of the Area Heads Council.

1985 (concurrently) LECTURER
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Library Technician Program, Calgary, Alberta

Taught Introduction to Libraries to library technician students.

LINC: Library and Information Consultants Ltd., Calgary, Alberta

Opened and managed LINC's Calgary office. Specialized in conducting systems analysis for resource company libraries and records centres.

LINC: Library and Information Consultants Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

Co-founder of LINC, a consulting firm which provided information management services to government and industry. Professional services were offered in records, office and library automation as well as in the design, establishment and maintenance of new libraries and records centres. Assignment areas included oil and gas, engineering, law, health sciences, archives, architecture, rural economy, government and real estate development.

1979 (Concurrently) SESSIONAL LECTURER
University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta

Taught the Special Libraries course in the Master of Library Science (M.L.S.) program.

1976 - 1978 CONSULTANT
Self-Employed Edmonton, Alberta

Provided specialized library services in the Edmonton area. Projects included the establishment and maintenance of special libraries for engineering firms, law firms and the performing arts.

Schick/Swanson Library and Information Consultants Ltd. Edmonton, Alberta

As a founding partner of the first regional library consulting firm, established technical libraries for business and government, conducted information management studies and provided manual and computerized literature searches.

1975 (concurrently) INSTRUCTOR
Medical Records Department Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Edmonton, Alberta

Taught the Hospital Libraries course to medical records librarian students.

1970 - 1973 LIBRARIAN
Medical Sciences Library, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Provided information services to the Northern Alberta Health Sciences community. Responsibilities included conducting literature searches for faculty, students and practicing physicians; supervising staff in technical services operations (i.e. serials control, binding and stack maintenance); and supervising the operation of a branch library at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Served for one year as a Director of the Association of Professional Librarians at the University of Alberta (APLUA) and as the Canadian library representative on a Canadian Dental Association committee which established standards for Canadian dental libraries.

1971 - 1972 (concurrently) CATALOGUER
Library, W.W. Cross Cancer Clinic, Edmonton, Alberta

Jointly responsible for cataloguing the medical books required for the Clinic's library.

Department of English, University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta

Temporary position while permanent staff member was on leave for the summer. Duties included co-ordination with the main University Library of all material ordered by the English Department in addition to maintenance of a small branch library.

General Sciences Library, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Responsible for the maintenance of the standards and government documents collections, circulation tasks, and assisting and teaching students and faculty in the use of the General Sciences Library.


1969 Bachelor of Library Science with Honours (B.L.S.)
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

1966 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Classics (B.A.)
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.



  • Senate 1988-
  • Executive Council 1988-1990
  • Information Systems Committee 1988-1996
  • Deans Council 1991-1996; 2001 -
  • Advisory Council to the Vice President Academic & Provost 1996-2000
  • Advisory Council to the President 2000-
  • Campus Campaign Working Group, Co-Chair 1990-92
  • President's Committee on Archives and Records Management, Chair 1990-1997
  • University Copyright Committee 1990/91
  • Management Negotiating Team, Terms of Appointment for Professional Librarians, 1988-90
  • Management Negotiating Team, Framework Agreement for Faculty & Professional Librarians, Jan. - Dec. 2000
  • Faculty Club Board of Directors 1990-1995
  • University Club Board of Directors 2001-
  • Management Bargaining Team, CUPE Local 951 contract negotiations 1991/92; 1992/93; 1994/95
  • University Training & Development Committee 1992-1994
  • Senate Committee on the Libraries 1988-
  • Library Development Committee 1995-1996
  • President's Library Expansion Committee 1997-1998
  • Program of Requirements Committee for the Libraries 1999-2000
  • President's Advisory Committee on Computing 1994-2000
  • UVic Info Coordinating Committee, Chair 1997-1998
  • Committee on Educational Technology 1994-1996
  • CUPE 951 Job Evaluation Steering Committee 1995-1998
  • Vice President Finance & Operations Search Committee, 1992
  • Director of Public Relations Search Committee, 1994
  • Executive Director, External Relations Search Committee, 1998
  • Vice President External Relations Search Committee, 2001 -
  • Presidential Search Committee, 1999
  • Administrative Systems Committee 2000-2001
  • Advisory Committee on Administrative Computing 2001-
  • University Committee on Information Technology 2001-


  • Libraries Management Group, Chair 1988-
  • McPherson Library Loan Policy Review Committee, Chair 1989-90
  • Technological & Organizational Change Committee, Co-Chair 1989-
  • Ranking & Promotions Committee 1992-
  • Libraries Council, Chair 1992-
  • Strategic Planning Coordinating Group, Chair 1992-1993
  • Committee on Electronic Resources, Chair 1997-1999
  • Integrated Library System Advisory Committee 1997-1999
  • External Review Task Group, Chair 2000


American Society for Information Science, Western Canadian Chapter:
Councillor (3 year term) 1987/88-1989/90
Speaker, Library automation: State-of-the-art report forAlberta, annual conference, Banff, September 1987

Canadian Association of College and University Libraries:
Chair, Strategic Plan Development Committee, 1987/88

Canadian Association of Research Libraries
President 1997-1999
Director 1989/90; 1995/96
Bylaws Sub Committee 2000/01
Speaker, summary of The E-learning, e-volution in colleges and universities: a pan-Canadian challenge and CARL's response. Presented at the joint ARL/CARL meeting, June 2001.

Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services:
Director (3 year term), 1981-83
Chair, Edmonton Chapter, 1978/79
Speaker, Personnel problems in libraries, Calgary Chapter meeting, February, 1981
Workshop Coordinator, Statistics Canada publications, Edmonton Chapter, 1979

Canadian Library Association:
Past President 1992/93
President 1991/92
Vice President 1990/91
Councillor (3 year term) 1986/87-1989/90
Convenor, Conference Planning Committee, 1985
Convenor, Special Collections Interest Group, 1986/87
Member, Statistics Coordinating Group, 1983/84
Convenor, Workshop on Integrated Library Systems, annual conference, June 1983
Convenor, 1/2 day session In Search of Grants, annual conference, June 1986
Speaker, Future Role of Academic Librarians, annual conference, June 1997

Council of Prairie & Pacific University Libraries
Member 1989-

Electronic Library Network
Advisory Council Member 1990-

Foothills Library Association:
Speaker, Librarian Exchanges, Calgary Libraries in Action program, January 1988
Speaker, Organizing the Canadian Library Association conference, Calgary Libraries in Action program, January 1985

Library Association of Alberta:
Speaker, Microcomputer technology in Alberta University Libraries, annual conference, Jasper, May 1986
Speaker, The role of information brokers annual conference, Jasper, April 1982
Speaker, Results of the Library Association of Alberta continuing education needs assessment, annual conference, Jasper, April 1982
Workshop Coordinator, Library research, annual conference, Jasper, April 1979


  • External Reviewer, York University Libraries, March 2000
  • External Reviewer, SFU Library, March 1998
  • Canadian Library Association Observer, Accreditation Site Visit for UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, 1991
  • External Reviewer, University of Alberta Faculty of Library Science, President's Advisory Committee for Campus Reviews, 1991
  • Exchange participant at the University of Sheffield Library, May 1987 (4 weeks)
  • Member, University of Alberta Faculty of Library Science, Self Study Committee on goals and objectives, 1983/84
  • Speaker, Staffing issues: how to manage change and provide appropriate support after implementation. Small Computers in Libraries annual conference, Arlington, VA, March 1987 Speaker, Inmagic software, University of Calgary Micro Show, November 1986
  • Speaker, Automating Records. Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Calgary Chapter Workshop, October 1981
  • Speaker, Special in-house computerized systems for law firm libraries, Canadian Association of Law Libraries, Calgary, May 197


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