(Updated 15 January 2002)


(formerly Janice Dickin McGinnis)

Faculty of Communication and Culture
University of Calgary
Calgary T2N 1N4


1986 Admitted to the Bar of Alberta

1985 University of Calgary

1980 University of Alberta History
Dissertation: "From Health to Welfare. Federal Government Policies regarding Standards of Public Health for Canadians, 1919-1945"
Awards: Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship, 1977-78
Canada Council Doctoral Fellowships,1975-76, 1976-77
Killam Foundation Pre-Doctoral Scholarship, 1975-76
Province of Alberta Graduate Fellowship,1974-75
Graduate Teaching Assistantship, 1974-75

1974 University of Calgary History
Thesis: "Dollar Diplomats and Moral Imperialists: American Intervention in the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1917"
Awards: Graduate Teaching Assistantship, 1972-73
Intersessional Bursary, 1972
Readership Award, 1971-72

B.A. 1971 University of Calgary History
Awards: Francis F. Reeve Foundation Bursary, 1970-71.


Current position:

Faculty of Communication and Culture, University of Calgary
(formerly Faculty of General Studies)
Full Professor (tenured), first appointed 1988
Associate Dean (Research), 2000--
Director, Law and Society Program, 1989--
Director, Masters of Communications Studies Program, 2000-
Acting Director, Women's Studies Program, 2000-(2002)
Director, Honors Program, 2001-

University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board
Chair, 2002-(04)

Other positions:

September 1997 - April 1998
Visiting Professor, Department of History, University of Toronto

November 1994
Visiting Scholar in Canadian Studies, University of Toronto

September 1986 to June 1988
Legal practitioner

August 1985 to September 1986
Articling Student--Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer, Calgary

July 1985 to August 1985
Sessional Instructor, Faculty of General Studies, University of Calgary

May 1984 to June 1984
Student legal assistant, Calgary Legal Guidance

May 1983 to August 1983
Researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Calgary

July 1980 to May 1981
Assistant Professor, History, Concordia University, Montreal
Instructor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University

February 1979 to June 1980
Historian, Baker Memorial Sanatorium, Calgary

November 1978 to February 1979
Researcher, Alberta Records Publication Board

September 1974 to April 1975
Graduate Teaching Assistant, History, University of Alberta

January 1974 to June 1974
Historian I, Parks Canada

September 1972 to April 1973
Graduate Teaching Assistant, History, University of Calgary


Concordia University, Montreal
Women in Western History
Revolution and Counter-Revolution: The Background to Contemporary Latin America
Advanced Study in Canadian History: Topics in Canadian Social History
Honours supervision: "History of Narcotics Control in Canada"
University of Calgary
History of the Americas (Tutorial instructor)
Women and the Law
Canadian Dimensions: Nationalism and Regionalism
History of Pre-Confederation Canada
Introduction to Canadian Studies
Sexual Equality and the Law
Law and Civil Rights in Canada
Foundations of the Legal Process
Communications Regulation (Graduate Communications)
Communications Law (Graduate Communications)
Seminar in Law and the Liberal Arts
Law and Society (Canada)
Tort Law
Introduction to Law and Society
Masters of Communications Studies Project
Honors Tutorial
Research Methodologies in Law and Society
Directed Readings on various socio-legal topics
Supervision and committee membership at Honors, Master's and Doctoral levels
--details available on request


1986-88: Administered own legal practice, including book-keeping

1969-70: Expediter, Purchasing Department, Simon Fraser University

1967-69: Assistant Production Manager, factories in Calgary and Vancouver


University of Calgary, Division of International Development
Negotiations surrounding founding of Canada-Asia Partnership, October 1988
University of Calgary, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate Scholarships Committee, 1996-97
University of Calgary, Faculty of Law
Admissions Committee, 1989
University of Calgary, Faculty of General Studies/Communication and Culture
Faculty Council, 1986--
Director, Law and Society Program, 1989--
Committee to Study the Curriculum Committee, 1989-90
Curriculum Committee, 1990-93
Ad Hoc Capping Committee, 1990
Ad Hoc Honors Committee, 1990
Ad Hoc Faculty Plan Committee, 1990
Sabbatical Leaves Committee, 1990-91
Faculty Planning Committee, 1990-95
Faculty Plan Review Sub-Committee, 1991-95
Faculty Promotions Committee, 1991-93, 2000-
Faculty Representative, Management Faculty Council, 1992-94
Canadian Studies Graduate Program Committee, 1993--
Director, Canadian Studies Program, 1995-96
Faculty Representative, Social Work Faculty Council, 1996-97
Faculty Representative, Law Faculty Council, 1998-2000
Chair, Ethics Committee, 1998-2000
Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Committees, 1998-99
Communications Studies Graduate Admission Committee, 1999-
Academic Selection Committee, 2000-
Faculty Planning Committee, 2001-
University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine
Admissions Committee, 1992-94
University of Calgary, General Faculties Council
Arbitration Panel, 1992-94
Search Committee for Dean of Law, 1996
Task-Force on Research Ethics, 1998-99
University of Calgary, Faculty Association
Faculty Advocate, 1993-95
Public Relations Committee, 1999-2000
University of Calgary
General Promotions Committee, 1999-2000
Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board, 2000-
(Chair, CFREB, 2002--)
Associate Deans' Research Forum, 2000-
Concordia University, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, 1980-81
Member of Steering Committee
Chairman of Co-Curricular Committee


University of Calgary, Research Excellence Envelope, September 2001 ($30,000)

Canadian Heritage, Research Contract, June 2001 ($250,000)

SSHRC, President's Fund, June 2001 ($25,000)

Government of Canada, Summer Career Placement, May 2001 ($3304)

Canadian Heritage, Conference grant, March 2001 ($100,000)

University of Calgary, Special Projects Fund, February 2001 ($2000)

University of Calgary, Research Excellence Envelope, November 2000 ($2274)

BCT/Telus Distinguished Visitors Program Committee, October 2000 ($50,000)

University Research Grant, Travel Grant, March 2000 ($1350)

University Research Grant, May-October 1999 ($5500)

Self-funded Research Grant (refereed), University of Calgary, 1997 ($5000)

SSHRC, Strategic Grant, Women and Change, Women and Professional Education, 1995-98 ($82,000), with 12 others

University Research Grants, Travel Grant, March 1993 ($828);

SSHRC, Research Grant, 1992-97 ($36,250)

Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine, Special Research Grant, 1991-92 ($1092), 1994 ($750)

Province of Alberta Summer Temporary Employment Program,
Summer 1990, Summer1993, Summer 1999

Canadian Job Strategies, S.E.E.D. Program, Summer1989, Summer 1994

Government of Canada, Secretary of State, Women's Program,
Grant (managed through Canadian Mental Health Association, Calgary), 1989 (2 research grants)

Canada Research Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 1988-1992

Alberta Senior Citizens' Secretariat, Research Grant, 1987-88

Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine, Grant to Scholarly Publication, 1987, 1994

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Post-doctoral Fellowship, 1980-81 (declined)

Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine, Post-doctoral Fellowship, 1980-81 (declined)

Canada Council Explorations Grant, 1979-80


Association for Canadian Studies, 1987--
Canadian Historical Association, 1976-85, 1989--
Canadian Committee on Women's History, 1989--
Canadian Law and Society Association, 1990-
Canadian Society for the History of Medicine, 1978--
Historical Society of Alberta, 1972-85, 1989--



Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, Editorial Board, 1993--

History of Intellectual Culture, Editorial Board, 2001-

Stephen Avenue Heritage Area Society (City of Calgary), President, 1991-

University of Calgary Press, Editorial Board, 1998-


Arusha Cross-Cultural Centre
Board of Directors, 1986-89
Treasurer, 1986-87
Calgary Legal Guidance
Volunteer at legal clinics, 1984-88
Canadian Historical Association
Committee on the Historical Profession, 1976-80
Member of the Council, 1991-95
--Freedom of Information Portfolio
--Consultant, CRB Heritage Project, 1993
Legal consultant, defence fund, 1995-
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
Advisory Board, 1985-91
Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta South Central Region Board of Directors, 1987-92
2nd Vice-president, 1987-88
Chairman, Women's Committee, 1988-92
President-elect, 1988-89
President, 1989-91
Past President, 1991-92
Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family
Member, Board of Directors, 1992-98
Canadian Society for the History of Medicine
Nominating Committee, Member, then Chair, 1990-92
By-laws Committee, Chair, 1993-94
Western representative to Council, 1996-2000
Historical Society of Alberta, Chinook Country Chapter
Member of Executive Committee, 1989-91
Vice-President, 1990-91

Journal of Canadian Studies, Editorial Board, 1993-97

Maenad Theatre, Calgary, 1992-7
Volunteer legal counsel
National Council on Bioethics in Human Research
Member of Council, 1991-94
Member, then Chair, Consent Panel, 1991-95
Member, Site Visit, University of Manitoba, Apr. 1993
NeWest Press, Board, 1992-2000
Treasurer, 1998-2000
Physicians for Choice, Calgary
Legal consultant, 1990-91
University of Calgary Alumni Association, 1971-
Board of Directors, 1978-80
Graduate Studies Faculty Council, Alumni rep., 1979-80
General Faculties Council, Library Committee, Alumni rep., 1979-80

CONFERENCES: Papers, Panels, Commentary and Organization*:

*Information Deficit/Canadian Solutions, 29-30 October 2001, Chair of Steering Committee

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"Print It! Transferring Page onto Film," Centre for Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh, March 1999.

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"Medical Biography: Mary Percy Jackson and Henrietta Ball Banting"
Annual Meeting, Canadian Society for the History of Medicine, St. John's, Nfld., May 1997.

"Professionalism and Pentecostalism", Annual Meeting, Women and Professions Network, April 1997.

Consultant, Planning Committee, Calgary Institute for the Humanities, Community Workshop on Violence Against Women, 1-2 May 1995.

Chair, Working Group on Consent Procedures, "Reinventing the Research Board", National Workshop, National Council on Bioethics in Human Research, Ottawa, 4-5 March 1995.

"The 'Heritage Moments': their Making and Meaning", with Elspeth Cameron, Reviewing Canada: What's New. An Interdisciplinary Conference presented by the Canadian Studies Program, Brock University, 9 November 1994.

Chair and Commentator, "Calgary: Building the Past", Organizing the Past, The Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, Calgary, 10 July 1994.

"Heritage Minutes: Myth and History", Annual Meeting, Association for Canadian Studies, Calgary, 13 June 1994.

Chair and coordinator, Session on Freedom of Information Legislation: Law and Practice, Annual Meeting, Canadian Historical Association, Calgary, 14 June 1994.

"From Bryan Adams to Zymaize Experiment. The Male Bias of the Canadian Encyclopedia", Alternative Frontiers, Mountain West Canadian Studies Conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 17 February 1994.

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Workshop on the Ethics of Research Involving Children, National Council on Bioethics in Human Research, 1-2 Dec. 1992. Member of Steering Committee, also Chair of the Public Session.

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Faculty of General Studies/Communication and Culture
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Department of History,
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Faculty of Medicine
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Numerous radio, television and newpaper interviews: Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, national

Featured interviews:

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