Assistant Director, Technology
Information Resources
University of Calgary


Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), McMaster University, 1969
Master of Library Science, University of Western Ontario, 1973
Master of Arts (Political Science), University of Western Ontario, 1974

Professional Experience

  • 1986 to date Librarian V with various senior administrative appointments in the University of Calgary Library, most recently (1994 to date) as Coordinator and then Assistant Director for the Information Technology Services Department in Information Resources
  • 1981 - 1986 Librarian IV with administrative appointments in Technical Services, University of Calgary Library
  • 1980 - 1981 Librarian/Consultant, Calgary Public Library
  • 1976 - 1980 Librarian IV, McMaster University Library with administrative responsibility for Interlibrary Loans and Library Systems
  • 1978 - 1979 Lecturer in the Library Techniques Programs at Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario) and Sheridan College (Oakville, Ontario)
  • 1975 - 1980 Librarian/Consultant, Casson-Oman Management Consultants, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • 1975 - 1976 Librarian/Consultant, Hamilton Law Association Library, Hamilton, Ontario
  • 1973 - 1975 Librarian, National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 1969 - 1971 Reference Assistant, Burlington Public Library, Burlington, Ontario

Peer Reviewed Competitive Support

  • Emerging Technologies Interest Group (Canadian Library Association) Workshop Award, $1000, Fall, 2002
  • Alberta Historical Airphoto Image Project, $30,000 awarded by The Alberta Library (Knowledge Network Emerging Projects Grant), June 2001
  • "Our Future Our Past" Proposal for digitizing historical resources of Alberta. Funding from The Alberta Library (TAL) $12,000 ; Canada Millienium Foundation $137,000 ; and the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation $180,000, 3 years, beginning in 1998
  • Learning Enhancement Envelope - grant for Western Canada Virtual Library, for the year 1997 $25,000
  • Learning Enhancement Envelope - grant for Electronic Reading Room, with Dr. William J. Reeves, Department of Sociology For the year 1997 $187,394
  • Learning Enhancement Envelope - grant for the Western Canada Virtual Library projects, For the year 1996 $52,000
  • Neary, Sharon, Harold Esche and Mary Westell "Grant for LANDRU enhancement" Research Grant, Teaching Development Office For the year 1996 $25,990
  • Neary, Sharon, Harold Esche and Mary Westell "LANDRU optimization: enhancing local access to data retrieval" Research Grant, Teaching Development Office For the year 1995 $37,900
  • Neary, Sharon, Harold Esche, and Mary Westell "The LANDRU initiative: local access to networked data retrieval utility" Research Grant, Teaching Development Office. For the year 1995 $30,000
  • Proposal to acquire adapted technology workstations (with Leslie Barnes and Linda Pearce) for the Library Equipment Grant, National Library of Canada. For the year 1995 $10,889 Matched by the Associate Vice President, Student Services.
  • Proposal for funding to establish an "Information Arcade" to bring together electronic products in the MacKimmie Library. Equipment Grant, University Budget Committee for the year 1995 $30,000

Publications, Papers, Presentations

  • "Allectra: Web-based Access to Copyright cleared Course Readings" Presented at the Netspeed 2000 Conference, Calgary, September 29, 2000
  • "Targeted Funding: Local Projects" Presented at the Canadian Library Association Conference, Edmonton, June 24, 2000
  • "University of Calgary Information Commons" Presented at the Interface 2000 Conference, Edmonton, June 8, 2000
  • "Allectra: Copyright Cleared Academic Course Readings" Presented at the Interface 2000 Conference, Edmonton, June 9, 2000
  • "The Information Commons at the University of Calgary" Invited presentation at Netspeed 99, Edmonton, September 23, 1999
  • Library Technology Plan, 1998
  • "Leading effective meetings" Invited course for University of Calgary Human Resources training series, 1998
  • "Our libraries: the net is not enough" videotaped presentation for the University of Calgary Alumni Association, text published in Infoserve, March 1998 Reprinted in Write Angles, the newsletter of the Calgary Writers Association
  • "Alberta Conference focuses on information technology" New currents in teaching and technology 4(5), 1997
  • "Strategic Planning for library automated systems" Invited paper, Netspeed 97 Conference, Edmonton, October 18, 1997
  • "Vital connections to our collections: the new library systems" Invited paper British Columbia Library Association Conference, Vancouver, May 10, 1997
  • "SIRSI Project Update" Infoserve 3(1) January 1996
  • "New workstations for students with disabilities" Infoserve 3(1) January 1996
  • "The Sirsi System" Calgary Libraries in Action Presentation, January 25, 1996
  • "Unicorn library system expected to be online by 1996" Infoserve 3(3), 1995
  • "CWIS: a grassroots development model" Canadian Library Journal, March 1994
  • "Hyper-G, the Universal Hypermedia System" Currents 3(1) February 1993
  • "Campus Wide Information Systems" The Big Byte 26(1) January 1993
  • Pearce, Linda and Mary Westell "A cost effective local strategy for deriving MARC records" PNLA Quarterly 57(2) Winter 1992
  • Warren, Darlene and Mary Westell "Intellectual Property Policy Review: Library Response to Request for submissions" University Libraries submission to University of Calgary General Faculties Council Intellectual Property Policy Review Committee (unpublished)
  • "Report from the Canadian Committee on MARC" TSIG Newsletter 3(2) Fall 1992 p. 4-5
  • "Stretching the library catalogue" Invited paper presented at the Canadian Library Association Conference, June 1992
  • "The informational front end system at the University of Calgary." PNLA Quarterly 53(4) Summer 1989 p. 20-23
  • Pearce, Linda and Mary Westell. "MARC online: immediate access to cataloguing copy through the DOBIBibliographic Pool" Technical Services Quarterly 6(1) Fall 1988
  • "Implementation of the Bibliographic Pool" NADUG Conference, April 1987
  • "Large Systems" Presented at Libraries in Action session, Library Association of Alberta Conference, May 1, 1987
  • "Database standards" Invited paper presented at the American Library Association Catalogue Management Discussion Group, New York, June 1986
  • "DOBIS/LIBIat the University of Calgary Library" Paper presented at the Library Association of Alberta Conference, Jasper, April 23, 1982
  • Ready, William and Mary Westell "CODOC: a Canadian cooperative computerized scheme for published government documents" The Canadian journal for information science vol. 3, May 1978
  • Robertson, Carolynne and Mary Westell Guide to legislative libraries and public and school library agencies in Canada Ottawa: National Library of Canada November 1975
  • "Internship for Librarians: some alternatives" Paper presented at the Education Action Committee Programme, Ontario Library Association Conference, Ottawa, May 1974

Selected Professional Service Activities

Current Member

  • Canadian Library Association (CACUL, TSIG, ETIG, CASLIS)
  • Library Association of Alberta
  • Foothills Library Association
  • Canadian Association of Public Data Users

Convenor, Internet Room, Pacific Northwest Library Association Conference, Calgary, August 1999
Member, Access 97 Conference Planning Committee
Convenor, Internet Room, Canadian Library Association Conference, Calgary, June 1995
Member (appointed by Canadian Library Association) Canadian Committee on MARC, 1990 - 1993
Certificate of Recognition, Library Association of Alberta, 1989
Director, Library Association of Alberta, 1987-89
Chair, Government Relations Committee, Library Association of Alberta, 1987-89
Executive Member, Foothills Library Association, 1988-89

Selected University/Library Service Activities

Member, Information Resources Council, 1998 -
Member, Calgary Education CEO Smart City subcommittee, 1999 - 2001
Chair, COPPUL Systems Group, 1999 - 2001
Advisor, Library of the Future Task Force, 1998 - 1999
Member, Library Task Force (appointed by the President), 1997 - 1998
Member, Search Committee, Directors of Information Services and Information Resources, 1997
Member, University Research Development Policy Committee (RDPC) 1999 - 2001
Member, Technology Task Force, 1995 - 1997
Member, Information Resources and Technology Committee, 1997 - 1999
Member, Library Director's Council, 1993 - 1997
Member, University of Calgary Teaching and Technology Interest Group (Access and Adaptive Technology subcommittees), 1994 - 1995
Member, General Faculties Council Library Committee, 1994 - 1998
Member, Health Knowledge Network Management Group, 1994 -
Advisor, New Student Orientation Programme, 1994 - 1996
Chair, Library Systems Selection Committee, 1991 - 1993
Chair, Campus Wide Information Systems Committee, 1993 -2001
Member, Calgary Libraries Working Group
Member, Calgary Higher Education Networked Information Sources Committee, 1991 - 1993
Member, numerous Library Advisory Committees for selection/reappointment over 15 years
Member, many Library Council Committees, including Committee on Professional Conditions for two terms

Selected Teaching/Training Activities

  • COOP 515.02 Coop/Internship requirement Mentor assisting coop student to define requirements for a project in her COOP English placement, Fall 1998
  • Presentation to University Computing Services Help Desk group on library technology services and related problems, Fall 1997
  • Worked to assist a student finalist in the President's Challenge to refine her proposal, 1997
  • MOHR 423 (Management of Human Resources) Mentor for students developing a model of organization for development of library services, web pages. 1997
  • Assisted with Executive MBA internet resources training sessions, June 1996
  • OPMA (Operations Management) 407 Acted as mentor to a group of students evaluating Sirsi implementation against their models of project management, 1996
  • Speaker, "Convergence" COM623, with Alan MacDonald, October 1995
  • Speaker, "The virtual library" Network of Women Staff, University of Calgary, September 1995
  • Speaker, "Internet Projects in Elementary Schools" Louis Riel Parent Council, January 1995
  • Calgary Board of Education Internet Course, with Janice Day, November 1994 and three sessions in 1995
  • "CWIand Gopher" invited presentation to Mount Royal College CWIS Committee, September 1994
  • "Needles in the haystack" New Student Orientation program with University Computing Services and the Student Resource Centre, Fall, 1994
  • New Faculty Orientation, Fall 1994
  • Presentation to campus Network Administrators group, March 1994
  • "Trends in Library services" presentation to MacLaurin Library Club, February 1994
  • "Internet resources", joint presentation with Faculty of Humanities for faculty and graduate students, October 1993
  • "Internet resources" Presentation to Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta, May 1993
  • "A trip down the gopher hole" Campus wide joint presentation with Academic Computing Services and the Student Resource Centre, 2 sessions, April and June 1993
  • "Freenets" presentation to Calgary InfoPort Group, March 1993
  • "Popcorn and videos" internet training presentation for library staff, March 1993
  • "Gopher and Campus Wide Information Systems" November 1992
  • "What to look for in systems evaluation", October 1992
  • Organized special lecture by Peter Noerr "Recent developments in European library automation" September 1992
  • Organized special lecture by Hermann Maurer "Why hypertext systems are important" September 1992
  • "Computer networks and you" Joint lecture series (Library, Academic Computing Services, Dept. of Educational Psychology), July 1992
  • "Internet resources" GNST 341 Guest Lecturer (with Christine Hayward) June 4, 1992